3 questions to the project coordinator

At the end of the project Alexa Klettner, project coordinator of FucoSan, talks about her personal highlights, findings and takes a look into the future.


What was your personal highlight, during the last three years?

Due to the diversity of the project and our numerous activities, it is difficult to limit it to one highlight. A very big compliment for me as a scientist was the news from Marine Drugs that one of our FucoSan publications was one of the most quoted of the year. The interest in our project, which we receive internationally, is also fantastic: Invitations to Russia and Egypt to present the project are something special. I would like to highlight the Scientific Day 2019. This was the first time that many results of our project were presented to a large audience. In the area of public relations, there were two highlights for me - on the one hand, the TV report in the Schleswig-Holstein Magazin about us, and on the other hand our project presentation on German Unity Day in Kiel. The commitment of our young scientists and the varied interest of the public were simply great.


What insights do you take away from this German-Danish cooperation - professionally and personally?

Again, it is difficult for me to limit myself to just a few, as this project has led to many new insights both professionally and personally. From a professional point of view, I would like to mention the results of our working group in the field of ophthalmology. In three years of work, we have discovered a lot about the properties and possible applicability of fucoidans. I have also learned a a lot about economic aspects through the cooperation with the other partners. Personally I have found out, that you can turn a big wheel if you have the right partners. Perhaps the most important recognition is that a good cooperation based on respect, communication and critical discussion can achieve a lot!


In your opinion, how has the FucoSan project influenced the usability of marine bioresources? What do you wish for the future?

Our project has received a lot of attention - both locally and internationally. It has shown potentials that now need to be realized. My wish for the future is that there will be better funding opportunities to realize these potentials. After all, the gap between basic research and market-ready products is difficult for us to bridge, especially for medical products.