Network project

The aim of this network is to develop long-term concepts that are eligible for funding from external funding bodies to ensure continuous and sustainable development of Fucoidan-based applications in the region. 
To this end, the existing Fucoidan network in the German-Danish border region will be significantly expanded. In addition, awareness of the potential of Fucoidans will be further publicised and the exchange and encounter with politics, administration and other cluster organisations will be expanded. 
In addition, application-oriented research and product development are to be further developed, with a focus on the application of fucoidans. Here, the very promising results of the FucoSan project (2017-2020) are to be used to identify and develop new projects and research opportunities.


With the algae in the North and Baltic Seas, an important, still little used marine bioresource is available. Algae components that have a variety of health-promoting properties include fucoidans, which are derived from brown algae. The completed FucoSan project examined these fucoidans for their potential applications in medicine and cosmetics. In the process, much basic knowledge was acquired about the cultivation, extraction and chemical and biological characterisation of fucoidans.
Furthermore, networks, economic ecosystem roles and challenges for the commercialisation of fucoidans were identified and business models along the value chain were developed. But the biggest challenge is to close the gap between basic research and competitive production. Therefore, the network project aims to continue and intensify the previous cooperation.

Aims of the network

  • Development and expansion of the network with regard to Fucoidan and its marketing
  • Exchange with interested partners in science and industry
  • Identification of funding bodies
  • Elaboration of applications
  • Scouting potential prospects
  • Contact with political decision-makers
  • Roadmap with project outlines and further steps towards commercialisation