Scientific Publications

  • Extraction and Structural Characterization of Fucoidans from Brown Algae

    Neupane S., Phd Thesis, 2021.

  • Extraction, Structural Determination and Bioactivity Assessment of Fucoidan from Brown Algae
    Ptak, Signe H., Phd Thesis, 2021.
  • Extracting activity patterns: Exploratory data analysis on a fucoidan extract data set with mixed variables
    Ptak, Signe H.; Errico, M.; Christensen, K., Algal Research,
  • Fucoidans as Potential Therapeutics for Age-Related Macular Degeneration—Current Evidence from In Vitro Research
    Doerschmann, P.; Klettner, A., Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21(23), 9272;
  • Fucoidane als möglicher neuer Therapieansatz
    Klettner, A., Concept Ophthalmologie, 9/2020
  • Abstracts of the ABC Conference
  • Co-creating Science Commercialization Opportunities for Blue Biotechnologies: The FucoSan Project
    Giones, F.; Laufs, D.; Schultz, C., Sustainability 2020, 12, 5578.
  • Effect of Enzymatically Extracted Fucoidans on Angiogenesis and Osteogenesis in Primary Cell Culture Systems Mimicking Bone Tissue Environment
    Ohmes, J.; Xiao, Y.; Wang, F.; Mikkelsen, M.D.; Nguyen, T.T.; Schmidt, H.; Seekamp, A.; Meyer, A.S.; Fuchs, S.
    Marine Drugs 2020, 18, 481.
  • Success factors of Data Platforms in Life Sciences: An Organizational Perspective
    Peters, M., Master Thesis, 2020.
  • Strukturelle, pharmakologische und antioxidative Charakteristika von Fucoidanen aus Braunalgen – Einfluss von Algenspezies, Erntezeitpunkt und Degradation
    Marburger, M., Master Thesis in MSc in Pharmakologie, 2020.
  • Enzyme-Assisted Fucoidan Extraction from Brown Macroalgae Fucus distichus subsp. evanescens and Saccharina latissima
    Nguyen, T.T.; Mikkelsen, M.D.; Tran, V.H.N.; Trang, V.T.D.; Rhein-Knudsen, N.; Holck, J.; Rasin, A.B.; Cao, H.T.T.; Van, T.T.T.; Meyer, A.S., Marine Drugs 2020, 18, 296.
  • Effects of a Newly Developed Enzyme-Assisted Extraction Method on the Biological Activities of Fucoidans in Ocular Cells
    Dörschmann, P.; Mikkelsen, M.D.; Thi, T.N.; Roider, J.; Meyer, A.S.; Klettner, A., Marine Drugs 2020, 18, 282.
  • Initial evaluation of six different brown algae species as source for crude bioactive fucoidans
    Bittkau, K.S.; Neupane, S.; Alban, S., 2020. Algal Research 2020, 45, 101759.
  • Size distribution and chain conformation of six different fucoidans using size-exclusion chromatography with multiple detection
    Neupane, S.; Bittkau, K. S.; Alban, S., Journal of Chromatography A, 2019. Link to Science Direct
  • Effects of Sulfated Fucans from Laminaria hyperborea Regarding VEGF Secretion, Cell Viability, and Oxidative Stress and Correlation with Molecular Weight.
    Dörschmann, P.; Kopplin, G.; Roider, J.; Klettner, A., 2019. Marine Drugs 2019,17.
  • Effects of Crude Fucus distichus Subspecies evanescens Fucoidan Extract on Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells - Implications for Use in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
    Rohwer, K.; Neupane, S.; Bittkau, K. S.; Galarza Pérez, M.;  Dörschmann, P.; Roider, J.; Alban, S.; Klettner, A., Marine drugs 2019, 17 (9), 538. Link to ResearchGate
  • Comparison of the Effects of Fucoidans on the Cell Viability of Tumor and Non-Tumor Cell Lines
    Bittkau, K. S.; Dörschmann, P.; Blümel, M.; Tasdemir, D.; Roider, J.; Klettner, A.; Alban, S., Marine drugs 2019, 17 (9), 441.

    Link to ResearchGate
  • The Evolution of Ecosystems for Complex Biotechnologies: Barriers for Technology Exploration and Exploitation
    Laufs, D.; Giones, F.; Schultz, C., DRUID 2019.
  • Improving Fucoidan Yield from Fucus Brown Algae by Microwave Extraction.
    Ptak, S.H. et al., Cemical Engineering Transaction V.74, 2019.
  • From the Lab to the Market: Using Business Models to uncover the Innovative Potential of Bio-Marine Research.

    Schoen, A., Thesis in Engineering Bachelor (Innovation & Business) 2019.

  • Effects of Fucoidans from Five Different Brown Algae on Oxidative Stress and VEGF Interference in Ocular Cells.
    Dörschmann, P., Bittkau, K.S., Neupane, S., Roider, J., Alban, S., Klettner, A., Marine drugs 2019, 17 (5), 258

  • Improving Fucoidan Yield from Fucus Brown Algae by Microwave Extraction.

    Ptak, S.H. et al., Chemical Engineering Transaction V.74, 2019.

  • Extraction and characterisation of fucoidans from various brown algae.
    Brodersen, P., Master thesis 2019.
  • Innovationsökosysteme zur Etablierung komplexer Biotechnologien auf unterschiedlichen Märkten am Beispiel von Fucoidanen
    Laufs, D.; Schultz, C; Giones, F., Julius-Kühn-Archiv 460, 2018.
  • The Emergence of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: the Fucoidan case in Denmark and Germany.
    Gao, Y., Master Thesis in MSc in Engineering (Innovation & Business) 2018.

  • Innovative Commercialization of Fucoidan.
    Avdic, M., Severin-Buder, J., Obzera, M., Thesis in Engineering Bachelor (Innovation & Business) 2018.

  • Fucoidan als mögliches Therapeutikum bei der altersabhängigen Makuladegeneration.

    Klettner, A., Karger Kompass Ophthalmologie 2018, 4, 87
  • Naturstoffe aus Braunalgen zeigen Wirkung am Auge.
    Klettner, A., Karger Kompass Ophthalmologie 2017, 3, 202
  • Crude Fucoidan Extracts Impair Angiogenesis in Models Relevant for Bone Regeneration and Osteosarcoma via Reduction of VEGF and SDF‐1.
    Wang, F., Schmidt, H., Pavleska, D., Wermann, T., Seekamp A., and Fuchs, S., Marine drugs 2017, 15 (6), 186
  • Algenextrakte als neue Therapieoption in der Ophthalmologie?
    Klettner, A., Roider, J., DOG-Sonderheft "Spitzenforschung in der Ophthalmologie", 2017, ISSN: 1861-4620, S. 62f.


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