Technical University of Denmark

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Lyngby

The Enzyme Technology Group at Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine at DTU is one of the leading European research institutes in the field of seaweed carbohydrate chemistry and enzymatic fucoidan modification, and were among the first to report on in vitro anticancerogenic effects and in vivo immunostimulatory effects of fucoidans.
The team has expertise in compositional analytics of seaweed carbohydrates and gentle extraction of fucoidans. The group has published a number of research results about the structure-function relations of fucoidans with regard to bioactivity and potential use of fucoidans in cancer therapy as well as for strengthening the immune system.

Tasks within the project:

  • Developing processes for the extraction of fucoidan
  • Chemical fucoidan characterisation
  • Data input for the development of a fucoidan database

Prof. Anne S. Meyer / Dr Maria D. Mikkelsen
DTU Bioengineering, Building 221, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Email: (AM) or (MDM)